Protect Your Investment

- Asset Management -

- Tracking & Theft Deterrence -

- Employee Safety -

With an L2P Solution, You Can Easily Locate Lost, Stolen or Missing Equipment; and Monitor Your Employees Safety on the Job Anywhere They Are!

The L2P Solution

How do you keep track of your physical assets in multiple locations whether it is equipment in the field or employees safety on the job site? Manually tracking those assets can be time consuming and costly. Poor asset management leads to work-stoppages, increased labor costs, and ineffective utilization. L2P Solutions is your answer! When business assets go missing or are not able to work, your livelihood is disrupted without notice. When you count on those same assets being available to get your job done in order to get paid, stolen, lost, missing assets or injured employees make life painful. Theft or injury goes beyond replacing expensive equipment or medical bills. Hidden costs show up in low productivity, increased insurance premiums1, project delays and increased operating costs, just to name a few. Protect those assets with Trimble's easy to use, convenient L2P Solutions2. 


  • ALERTS; over speed and entry/exit of GeoFence alert
  • REAL TIME TRACKING; based on time and/or distance
  • G-FORCE SENSOR; crash detection
  • REAL-TIME LOCATE; using A-GPS & GSM radio allows asset location tracking indoors and outdoors
  • FLEXIBLE REPORTING INTERVALS; pings every 15 minutes or once a day or once a week
  • PHONE APP AVAILABLE; access tracking portal to set up and monitor GeoFence from a smartphone application
  • GSM/GPRS COVERAGE; worldwide
  • REMOTE CONFIGURATION; over the air configuration
  •  MAGNETIC MOUNT or Permanent Mount
  • BATTERY; 18,000 mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • DIMENSION; 14 x 8 x 6.5 cm

How It Works

L2P finds an asset's location by receiving a GPS signal from a clear line of sight with satellites in the sky. If your equipment is stolen, and goes indoors (in a garage or storage facility), the L2P A-GPS technology takes over.

The key differentiator of the Trimble Protected L2P over other brands is the use of A-GPS technology along with GPS! L2P finds an asset’s location both indoors and outdoors down to the city street level address using a unique combination of GPS and A-GPS technology.

A Trimble L2P Solution provides peace of mind while reducing unanticipated expenses. Each L2P model is powered by a datamobile 4 MB data plan; and provides the best fail over coverage for each device. Each solution listed below has features that will help you keep your equipment and your employees where you need them so you can stay productive. Features underlined are specific to that product only.

L2Pp Applications: 
Portable device for non-powered assets: flatbed or enclosed trailers, waste bins and storage containers.